Brand: Amantadine

Drug type: Antiviral

Form: tablet

Age limit: 10 years above

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Amantadine HCL 100 mg Tablet a hundred mg pill is used to forestall or treat a selected variety of grippe (flu A). dissimulation that you simply are contaminated with grippe, this drug may assist with creating your aspect effects less extreme and abbreviate the time it’ll take you to enhance. Taking amantadine on the off probability that you simply are or are bestowed with this season’s virus may assist with keeping you from obtaining grippe. This prescription is AN antiviral that’s accepted to figure by halting the event of seasonal infection. This drug is not AN protection.

In light-weight of the suggestion from the Communities for Infectious interference (CDC) within the United States, amantadine drug not accustomed treat or forestall contagion as a result of the continued contagion infection within the United States and Canada is greaseproof to the current medication. for extra subtleties, converse along with your medical aid medical practitioner or drug specialist.

Amantadine HCL a hundred mg pill is employed to treat Parkinson’s disease infection, in addition as incidental effects led to by medicine, synthetics, and different ailments. In these cases, this prescription may assist with engaged on your scope of movement and capability to figure out.


Administrate Amantadine hcl 100 mg Tablet a hundred mg pill medication orally in spite of food, usually on quite one occasion daily or as coordinated by your medical aid medical practitioner. If you’re administering this prescription double per day and knowledge issue resting within the wake of taking it, need the second portion a couple of hours before sleep time.


Obscured vision, upset stomach, tiredness, dazedness, migraine, dry mouth, obstruction, anxiety, or inconvenience resting might happen. assumptive any of those impacts continue or deteriorate, inform your medical aid medical practitioner or drug specialist quickly.

Tell your medical aid medical practitioner straightaway if any of those inconceivable, however, serious secondary effects happen: purplish-red soiled spots on the skin, enlarging of the lower legs/feet, hassle pee, and vision changes.

Tell your medical aid medical practitioner straightaway if any of those uncommon however intense secondary effects happen: windedness, mental/state of mind changes, muscle firmness, uncontrolled muscle developments, strange sweating, fast heartbeat, unexplained fever, stunning compelling impulses, seizures.

An intense unfavourably inclined response to the current medication is inconceivable. However, seek for surefire clinical thought if it happens. aspect effects of a severe sensitized response may embrace rash, tingling/enlarging, extreme fatigue, and inconvenience of restful.

Certain people taking Amantadine HCL a hundred mg pill have nodded off out of obscurity throughout their commonplace everyday exercises. At times, rest happened with next to no sensations of drowsiness before. On the off probability that you simply expertise dilated fatigue or fall asleep throughout the day, do not drive or participate in different maybe venturesome exercises till you’ve got examined this impact along with your medical aid medical practitioner. Your gamble of this rest impact is dilated by utilizing liquor or completely different medicine that may cause you to tired. See likewise Safety measures space.


The dose depends on your disorder and reaction to treatment. In children, the dose depends on weight. strive to not take quite supported by your medical aid medical practitioner.

This prescription works best once what proportion medication in your body is unbroken at a gradual level. Take this prescription at equitably separated spans for the constant.


Before utilizing Amantadine hcl 100 mg Tablet a hundred mg pill drug, tell your angel dust or drug specialist your clinical history, significantly of: increasing of arms/legs, heart problems (like symptom vas breakdown), pulse problems, urinary organ infection, liver illness, mental/state of mind conditions, seizures, a selected skin condition.

This medication may cause you to dazzled or sluggish or obscure your vision. Liquor or marijuana will cause you to additional bleary or asleep. strive to not drive, use equipment, or do something that desires readiness or clear vision till you’ll have it away firmly. Limits cocktails. Converse along with your medical aid medical practitioner assumptive you’re utilizing weed. See likewise Incidental effects space.

To limit vertigo and embarrassment, rise leisurely whereas ascending from a placed or lying position.

On the off probability that you simply are taking this medication for Parkinson’s disease illness, be aware thus as to not exaggerate actual work as your condition improves as a result of this may expand your gamble of falls. Counsel your medical aid medical practitioner concerning a meeting to steady build your activity as aspect effects get to consecutive level.

Kidney capability declines as you develop. This prescription will get eliminated by the kidneys. recent people could be at a additional severe gamble for incidental effects whereas taking this medication.

This drug got to be used throughout maternity, given that it’s needed. There ar uncommon reports of heart surrenders in babies whose moms took amantadine throughout maternity. refer the risks and blessings along with your medical aid medical practitioner.

This medication passes into bosom milk and will, sadly, have an effect on a nursing baby. speak along with your medical aid medical practitioner before your bosom taking care of.


Active ingredients Inactive ingredients
Amantadine hydrochloride magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, Povidone , Sodium Starch Glycolate, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide.
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