This medication is utilised in the treatment of a variety of skin disorders (such as eczema, dermatitis, allergies, rash). When used to treat these types of conditions, triamcinolone can help to reduce the swelling, itching, and redness that can occur.

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Buy aristocort 4mg cream is used to treat skin conditions and allergies. This particular medication is available in the form of a cream, an ointment, tablets, and spray. 

How is it administered?

Aristocort is usually administered three to four times in a day. The Aristocort cream should be applied to the areas affected by the condition. The cream has to be applied in a proper manner such that it disappears on the skin.  

Side-effects of Triamcinolone :

The mild and temporary side effects of Aristocort Cream includes:

  1. Dryness, irritation
  2. Increased redness
  3. Skin rash

If the following side effects occur then immediately consult the doctor:

  1. Change in skin colour
  2. Feet swelling
  3. An increase in hair growth on the face
  4. Weight gain or loss  

Dosage of Triamcinolone cream:

The dosage of this medication varies according to the disease and the way the patient responds to the medication prescribed by the doctor. The patient should take only the dosage that is prescribed by the physician. 


It is the responsibility of the patient to inform the doctor about the other medications that one is taking. This medicine should only be used for treating the condition mentioned by the physician. If the area of the body to be treated is infected, this medicine may not have the desired effect. If you are suffering from any other medical condition, do inform the doctor. A decision whether to prescribe can then be taken.  

Drug Interactions:

It is important to be well-informed regarding the various medicines that could interact with Aristocort. The doctor would inform the patient before prescribing this medicine. The medicines that contain corticosteroids could interact with Aristocort. 

Aristocort 4mg cream Ingredients:

Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.02% is the active ingredient in Buy Aristocort cream and ointment.    

Aristocort cream has many inactive ingredients like:

  1. Glycerol
  2. Lactic acid
  3. Sorbitol
  4. Isopropyl palmitate

The inactive ingredient in the Aristocort ointment is white soft paraffin.

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