Cough is treated with Benadryl Syrup, which is available over-the-counter. It alleviates allergy symptoms such as runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, watery eyes, congestion, and stuffiness by reducing the production of histamine. It also helps to thin mucus in the nose, windpipe, and lungs, making it easier to cough it up and expel.

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Benadryl 25 mg Tablet is another medication that is given for relieving the symptoms of allergies that occur like sneezing, irritation, blocked nose. It is also a medicine that is taken when someone has a common cold and fever. It is given according to the disease.

How is it administered?

The 25mg tablet should be taken as per the doctor’s instructions. It is advised that this medicine be taken only every 6 hours or so. It is a mild sedative that is handed to the patient when they reveal that they are going through an allergy episode. 

Side Effects of Diphenhydramine Tablet:

The side-effects of Benadryl 25 mg Tablet include:

  1. Rashes
  2. Dry nose and throat
  3. Constipation
  4. Swelling of face 
  5. Difficulty breathing

The side-effects could range from mild to very extreme, but care must be taken when one experiences them. 

Dosage of Diphenhydramine Tablet:

Benadryl 25mg tablets are to be administered every 4 or even 6 hours. One is advised to take only the amount that the doctor directs. It would depend on the severity of the indicators and the duration of the allergy. 

Only 1 or 2 25mg tablets should be taken in one sitting. 


Consumption of Benadryl could lead to feelings of drowsiness, especially when mixed with alcohol. 

If taking this medicine causes drowsiness or any sort of irritation, one should avoid taking the next dose and keep the doctor informed about the development. 

Usage of Benadryl for long stretches of time could mean that the body is immune to the effects of it. It may stop working for the patient. 

One may also get addicted to or dependent on Benadryl and refuse to find other ways to treat the same infection. 

Drug Interactions:

It becomes necessary to inform the physician if one is taking any medication like muscle relaxers or even anxiety medications. 

Benadryl Ingredients:

Active Ingredient Inactive Ingredients
Diphenhydramine HCI 25mg Titanium Dioxide
Dibasic Calcium Phosphate
Aluminium Lake 
Carnauba wax




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