Brand: Depakote

Drug Type: Antiepileptic drugs, Mood stabilizers 

Form: Tablet

Age limit: Children and adults

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Depakote 250 Tablet decreases the brain’s abnormal nerve activity. It treats manic conditions and epilepsy. The seizures that one experiences may have some reason. It is best to consult a physician or a specialist. It is dangerous to go through this condition without a hope of getting better. It becomes a task for the caregivers to handle the dire situation. 


Administer Depakote 250 Tablet by mouth once every day. The doctor explains the dosing and administration instructions to the patient. One should not consume more than the healthcare professional has directed. It could be detrimental to health. 


The side effects of Depakote 250 Tablet manifest differently in individuals. They are mentioned below:

  1. Unsteadiness
  2. Hair loss
  3. Tremor
  4. Ringing in the ears
  5. Changes in menstruation
  6. Increased appetite
  7. Weight changes
  8. Blurred vision
  9. Back pain
  10. Poor reflexes

If the side effects persist, visit the physician immediately to manage it. One may see adverse side effects in the case of drug interactions.


The dosing schedule depends on factors like the severity of disease and the patients response to the treatment.

For tablets or delayed-release tablets used as oral dose forms:

  • For mania-

Adults: Initially, 750 mg once daily, divided into smaller dosages.  The dose is often limited to 60 mg per kilogram (kg) of body weight daily.

Children- The doctor should determine the use and dosage.

  • For migraine-

Adults: Take 250 mg twice daily initially. The dosage is limited to 1000 mg daily.

Children- The practitioner should determine the use and dosage.

  •       For seizures-

Adults and children ten years or older—Your doctor will select the dosage based on your body weight. Ten to fifteen milligrams (mg) per kilogram (kg) of body weight daily is the regular starting dose. If necessary, your doctor may gradually raise your dose each week by 5 to 10 mg per kg of body weight. 

The dose is limited to 60 mg per kg of body weight daily. If the daily dose is more than 250 mg, it is often given in smaller doses, two or more times during the day. Children under 10: Your doctor must determine the use and dosage.


  1. Refrain from taking this medication if one is allergic to the ingredients. 
  2. Adverse side effects of combining Depakote 250 Tablet with other medicines exist. Book a doctors appointment if this occurs. 
  3. Depakote 250 Tablet 15’s may result in liver issues, hypothermia, hyperammonemia, and thrombocytopenia (poor blood platelets, high blood ammonia levels). To prevent your seizures from worsening, do not stop taking Depakote 250 Tablet 15s without first talking to your doctor. 
  4. If you have ever experienced cardiac issues, renal or liver disease, difficulties urinating, depression, or suicidal thoughts, let your doctor know before using this medication. 
  5. Alcohol use should be avoided because it can worsen some adverse effects and increase your risk of seizures. To assist your doctor make sure you are taking the proper dose both before you start using it and while using it, you might need periodic blood tests.  

These necessary precautions are taken for improved health.


Depakote 250 Tablet interacts with other medicines and can reduce the effectiveness of the medication taken. Doctor informs the patient about the drugs that should not be ingested with this medicine. 

Drugs that interact with the given medicine stated below:

  • Pregabalin
  • Zidovudine
  • Escitalopram
  • Primidone
  • Felbamate
  • Ethosuximide
  • Gabapentin
  • Topamax
  • Xanax
  • Zoloft
  • Fluoxetine

Be aware of the drugs and their uses. HIV/CMV, Urea cycle disorders, and Depression interact with this medication. 


Active Ingredient Inactive Ingredients
Divalproex Sodium Hypromellose
Titanium dioxide
Methacrylic acid
Pregelatinized starch

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