Erythrocin 250mg Tablet is an antibiotic that is used to treat a wide range of infections, including skin infections. It is effective in the treatment of most infections of the respiratory tract, ear, nose, throat, lungs, and skin, as well as other infections. It prevents the bacteria from reproducing, which aids in the resolution of symptoms and the cure of the infection.

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Erythro 250mg Tablet is very effective in treating respiratory tract infections caused by bacteria. It is also a part of the treatment package for dental abscesses and chest infections. 

How is it administered?

This pill is taken as per the instructions on the prescription label and is beneficial. The mode of administration and directions of use are stated in the pill box. 

Erythro 250 mg Tablet is strictly on an empty stomach but can be taken even 30 minutes before a meal. It is administered with both milk and food.

Side Effects of Erythromycin 250:

The side effects of Erythro 250mg Tablet are mentioned below:

  1. Bloating
  2. Indigestion
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Stomach cramps

The side effects should not ideally last longer than a few days. It is necessary to keep tabs on our health after taking the Erythro 250 mg Tablet and visit the physician in case of any trouble.

Dosage of Erythromycin:

Erythro 250mg Tablet is given orally to an ailing patient. It is an antibiotic with its dose schedule. 

Children are, by default, given a lower amount so that no health issues arise after consumption.

Determining factors like the weight of the child, the severity of the disease, and their capability to cope with the after-effects of the dose plays a huge role.


In the event of an allergic reaction, fix an appointment with the doctor to find a solution to the disease. One could be allergic to other antibiotics in which case refrain from taking Erythro 250 mg Tablet. Medications that cause unwanted health hazards or interact with Erythro 250mg Tablet are avoided after speaking to the doctor.

It should be kept away from children’s reach. 

Drug Interactions:

Not all drugs interfere with the working of Erythro 250 mg Tablet. It is not advisable to mix more than one medication unless mentioned by the doctor. 

  1. Terfenadine
  2. Disopyramide
  3. Lovastatin
  4. Astemizole
  5. Tacrolimus

Erythro 250mg Tablet Ingredients:

Active Ingredients Inactive Ingredients
Erythromycin Sorbic acid
D&C Red No.30
Polacrilin Potassium
Magnesium stearate

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