Brand: Hydrazide

Drug Type: Diuretics

Form: Tablet

Age limit: 18 years and above

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Hydrazide 12.5 Tablet is a medication used to treat high blood pressure. The working of this medicine is mentioned in this section for the patients understanding. 

A diuretic (water pill) is used alone or in conjunction with other drugs to treat excessive blood pressure. Additionally, excess fluid accumulation in your body tissues brought on by many illnesses, such as heart, kidney, and liver disease, is treated with this medication. 

This medication works by causing your body to produce more urine, which helps your body flush out excess salt and water. It aids in maintaining blood pressure regulation and lessens swelling brought on by fluid retention.   

It is a prescription medication and cannot be obtained without one from any pharmacy. 


Administer Hydrazide 12.5 Tablet by mouth once daily. 

It is usually taken after having food. It improves the absorption in our system. Per the doctors direction, the intake can increase to twice daily. This medicine works better if it is taken at the same time everyday. There is consistency to this. One will not forget to take this medication. 

The doctor examines patients situation and decides the dosage schedule for a certain period. 


The side effects of taking a Hydrazide 12.5 Tablet appear differently in different people. 

A higher dose of the medication could result in intense side effects. 

The effects mentioned below.

  • Weakness
  • Headache
  • Upset stomach
  • Blood lipid level changes
  • Dehydration
  • Vertigo
  • Constipation
  • Hypersensitivity reactions

If the side effects persist, then converse with the doctor. The physician knows how to deal with and manage the side effects. Unwanted side effects occur if the medicine is not duly taken. 

The rare side effects may occur in some patients. It is tough to foresee the side effects that may arise. 

One must build up their immunity. The side effects may not be so severe for patients with increased immunity. 


The dosage structure varies for each disease. 

Adult dosage for HTN-

A starting dose of 25 mg daily is prescribed. A lower dose could be administered for some patients. 

The starting dosage of 30mg to 60mg daily is taken. The other method is to consume 60mg every alternate day. 

As expected, the dosage for each disease varies. The doctor or pharmacist indicates the correct dosage to the patient. 


  1. The doctor is made aware of all the patients medical problems like kidney problems, liver problems, and enlarged prostate. 
  2. Adverse side effects of combining Hydrazide 12.5 Tablet with other medicines exist. Speak to the doctor if these side effects occur. 
  3. People with high blood pressure do not experience symptoms, but if you stop taking this medication, the condition could worsen. Risk of heart disease and stroke may rise as a result, causing blood pressure to climb. 
  4. This medicine is not recommended with alcohol. It could make one feel lightheaded and lose focus. Inform the doctor if one consumes alcohol. 
  5. If one wishes to be pregnant, visiting the doctor is not a bad design. Getting all necessary information about the condition and the medication is a must before beginning a course of this drug. 

The doctor is the authority on what to avoid when taking this medication. Some precautions heeded are for a better outcome. 


Hydrazide 12.5 Tablet interacts with other medicines and can reduce the effectiveness of the medication taken. The doctor informs the patient about the drugs that should not be mixed. The other drugs it interacts with stated below:

  • Anesthetics
  • Calcium supplements
  • Lithium
  • Narcotics
  • Pseudoephedrine
  • Warfarin
  • Insulin
  • Digoxin
  • Colestipol

Asthma, Thyroid function tests and Anuria interact with this tablet. These diseases may have adverse reactions on a patient.  


Hydrochlorothiazide is the active ingredient. 


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