Brand: Kemadrin

Drug Type: Anti-spasmodic drug

Form: Tablet

Age limit: Adults

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Kemadrin 5mg Tablet is used to treat Parkinson’s disease symptoms or uncontrollable movements brought on by the adverse effects of some psychiatric medications (antipsychotics such as chlorpromazine/haloperidol). Procyclidine is a member of the class of drugs known as anticholinergics. It obstructs a natural chemical (acetylcholine). For those with Parkinson’s disease, this helps reduce muscle stiffness, perspiration, and salivation while also enhancing walking ability. Anticholinergics can reduce the severe muscle spasms that occasionally result from psychiatric medications and affect the back, neck, and eyes. It can also lessen other ill effects like stiffness/rigidity of the muscles (extrapyramidal signs-EPS). It is ineffective in treating tardive dyskinesia-related movement issues and might even make them worse.


Administer Kemadrin 5mg Tablet by mouth thrice daily. One should choose a time to ingest this medication and keep it fixed. The initial dose is half a tablet. The doctor explains the dosing and administration instructions to the patient. One should not consume more than the healthcare professional has directed. It could be detrimental to health. 


The side effects of Kemadrin 5mg Tablet manifests differently in individuals. They are mentioned below:

  1. Nervousness
  2. Flushing
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Dizziness
  5. Constipation
  6. Dry mouth
  7. Uncontrolled eye movements
  8. Nausea

If the side effects persist, visit the physician immediately to manage it. One may see adverse side effects in the case of drug interactions.


The dosing schedule depends on factors like the severity of disease and the patients response to the treatment.

Parkinsonism: The medicine dosage for treating parkinsonism depends on the patient’s age, the cause of the condition, and personal responsiveness. To be able to adapt the dosage to each patient’s unique tolerance and needs, it must stay flexible. 

In general, younger and postencephalitic individuals need and tolerate a somewhat larger dosage than those older and have arteriosclerosis.

For Patients Who Have Not Undergone Any Other Treatment: Procyclidine hydrochloride is often given in doses of 2.5 mg thrice daily after meals as initial therapy. 

If well tolerated, this dosage may be gradually increased to 5 mg three times daily, with an additional 5 mg administered periodically before bed. In some circumstances, lesser doses may be used safely.


  1. Adverse side effects of combining Kemadrin 5mg Tablet with other medicines exist. Book an appointment with the doctor if these side effects occur.
  2. Refrain from this medicine if one is allergic to them.
  3. It is unclear if this medication is harmful to an unborn. Consult the doctor and use only when deemed safe. 
  4. Avoid this medicine if you suffer from prostate trouble, glaucoma, chronic constipation, and mental illness. It is best to speak to a healthcare expert. 
  5. This medication causes decreased sweating. It can lead to a heat stroke in hot weather. Avoid vigorous exercises.  

These necessary precautions are taken for improved health. 


Kemadrin 5mg Tablet interacts with other medicines and can reduce the effectiveness of the medication taken. Doctor informs the patient about the drugs that should not be ingested with this medicine. 

Drugs that interact with the given medicine stated below:

  • Crocin Cold and Flu Max Tablet
  • Saridon Tablet
  • Lecope AD Tablet
  • Ascoril C Syrup
  • Recool Plus Eye Drop
  • Lupihist Syrup
  • Tossex Antitussive Cough Syrup
  • Sumo Cold Tablet
  • Hifenac D Tablet

Be aware of the drugs and their uses. 

Kidney disease, Heart disease, and Myasthenia gravis are the diseases that interact with this medicine. 


Active Ingredient Inactive Ingredients
Procyclidine Hydrochloride Magnesium stearate
Corn and potato starch
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