Infections caused by bacteria can be treated with CEPHALEXIN 250 MG TABLET, an antibiotic medication. It has been shown to be effective in the treatment of infections of the lungs, ears, throat, urinary tract, skin, soft tissues, bones, and joints. The antibiotic kills bacteria, which aids in the improvement of your symptoms and the cure of the infection.

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Phexin 250 mg capsule is known as a bactericidal and is considered to be the medication that prevents the growth of bacteria. The working of this medication is similar to that of penicillin. Bacteria have many types and this drug proves to be effective when treating anyone with these diseases. 

How is it administered?

Phexin 250 mg capsule should be taken as per the physician’s orders. Timely intake of medicines has become a priority in healthcare and is advocated by the experts. The body has to be accustomed to this drug. 

It can be taken with or without having food. The capsules and the tablets should be managed with the intake of water. 

A pharmacist would get the liquid form of this medicine for those who cannot have tablets. 

Side Effects of Cephalexin:

The side effects of Cephalexin 250 mg capsule would amount to the following:

  1. Heartburn
  2. Rectal itching
  3. Abdominal pain
  4. Transient hepatitis
  5. Cholestatic jaundice

The persistent side effects must disappear within a few days maximum. If not, then refer to your doctor. 

Dosage of Phexin:

Cephalexin 250 mg capsule must be regularly taken at proper intervals. The dose that is prescribed by the doctor is usually with the best intentions of the patient in mind. 

The age of the person who is taking this medication, and the condition they are in are something to be considered when medicating oneself. 

250 mg is supposed to be taken every six hours or 500 mg every twelve hours. This is for adults. 

For children, the dosage amounts to 250 mg every 6 hours. 


The healthcare professional who is responsible for your treatment will only prescribe this medicine when it is required. 

Liver diseases could occur because of this medication. It could swell up or increase the enzyme levels. Caution must be exercised in this regard. 

The exact amount specified should be consumed by the patient and during the time frame that is mentioned. 

The use of this medication with food and alcohol must be discussed with your doctor.  

Drug Interactions:

  • Multivitamins with minerals
  • Sodium picosulfate
  • Zinc
  • Metformin

These are some examples of drugs that could affect the use of Cephalexin 250 mg tablet.

Phexin 250 mg capsule Ingredients: 

Active Ingredient Inactive Ingredients
Cephalexin Anhydrous Magnesium stearate
Sodium starch glycolate

250MG, 500MG

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