Rhinocort 64mcg is a nasal decongestant. Aquanase is a steroid medication. Running nose, sneezing, and sinus discomfort are all symptoms of allergic rhinitis that can be alleviated with this medication, which is available over the counter. By inhibiting the production of certain chemical messengers that cause swelling and allergies, it helps to relieve the discomfort and irritation that you experience in your nose.

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Rhinocort Aqua Nasal Spray helps in the process of eradicating the effects of allergy on our health. The nasal passage is said to be inflamed or blocked in the event of some sort of allergy. We need some repose, and it is this medicine that offers it to us.  

How is it administered?

The method of administration remains the same for Rhinocort Nasal Spray as with any nasal spray medicine. 

  1. The nose has to be blown before taking the medicine. 
  2. The spray should be shaken before use.
  3. Spray is held upright with our thumb below the bottle and fingers on the sides of the nozzle.
  4. Tilt the head back and close one nostril while pouring the spray in the other nostril.
  5. The same should be followed for the other nostril.

The doctor is in-charge of mentioning the exact amount to be taken, and the duration of the dose.

Side Effects of Rhinocort nasal spray:

The side-effects of taking Rhinocort Aqua Nasal Spray is as follows:

  1. Unpleasant taste or smell
  2. Nosebleeds
  3. Pain, swelling in certain regions
  4. Upper respiratory infections
  5. Sore throat
  6. Dryness and irritation around the nose area
  7. Burning sensation

The side-effects can be managed only if they are communicated to a professional. 

Dosage of Rhinocort nasal spray:

The doctor is the authority on the dose to be prescribed of Rhinocort Nasal Spray. Children and adults respond differently when a nasal spray is given. The body composition for one is varied. The reaction time comes into question over here. A dose of 64 mcg is provided to children above the age group of 6 and for adults alike. 

There is a possibility that this dose can be reduced depending on the outcome and increased if it is not providing enough benefits. One to four sprays for adults once a day is advised. On the other hand, one to two sprays for kids is the limit.  


Rhinocort Aqua Nasal Spray causes nasal irritation, so one must not take this medicine if this is the intended outcome. If one is allergic to this medication, refrain from use. Tuberculosis patients should stay away from Rhinocort Nasal Spray. This medication is not helpful during fungal and viral infections. 

Drug Interactions:

The following drugs interact with Rhinocort Aqua Nasal Spray:

  1. Boceprevir
  2. Clonixin
  3. Diclofenac
  4. Gatifloxacin
  5. Fenoprofen
  6. Ivosidenib

Rhinocort Aqua Nasal Spray Ingredients:

Active Ingredient Inactive Ingredients
Budesonide Dextrose Anhydrous
Disodium Edetate
Potassium sorbate
Purified water

100MCG, 200MCG


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